Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Microcosm of Celestial Dread as Captured & Condensed in an Antique Flask

Dreams Bourne on Antique Pigments and Discontinued Colours ...

Ink and More Ink on These Sad & Suffering Pages
Journal #X by an underground american
As Jerking Fractals Sputter & Fulminate
Latitudes of Tortured Ink
And Dreams in a Poisonous and Orpimental Hue
Ink-Stain Blue Memories as I Travel Away From the Oasis of the Centerfold ...

2:52—Staggering Under the Weight of Inhospitable Atmospheres and Toxic Vapors

Nightmares Captured & Condensed in a Potent Liquid Suitable for Use as Printer’s Ink
Splashed Upon an Incomprehensible Page: an underground poem!
A Mournful & Melancholy Dew, Collected on a Floating Plain of Regret

I gaze intently at Ink-Stain images, imploring, cajoling, and coaxing them to spring to life back there in that Sphere of Reduced Expectations

Vials Filled with Potent & Unspeakable Liquids Condensed From Nightmares Too Foul & Frightening to Recollect: Poems dark and dreadful
Essence of Nightmare and Decoction of Regret
Dreams Filtered Through Litmus and Turning Egyptian Blue, Saturnine Red, and Antinomy Orange as They Reveal their Essence.
The Great Toxicon: Book of Poison Arrows ...

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